"Rub Out"

Professional, Liquid, Automotive Buffing Compound

  • Maximum liquid durability
  • Excellent finish
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Ideal for all automotive finishes
  • Professional quality

Davies Rub Out is a top quality liquid buffing compound designed for professional use. Rub Out features the latest technologies of polymer compound, that actually chemically bonds to auto surfaces, for ultimate durability, shine, and corrosion protection. This coating is highly resistant to salt spray, sunlight, pollution, detergents, tree sap, etc. Rub Out is very easy to apply and to ‘rub out’ for an excellent shine. The active cleaners in this product remove dirt and oxidized paint from ‘cleaned’ auto surfaces.Rub Out actually provides the protection and finish of a hard paste wax, but in an easy to use, liquid form.


Apply Rub Out to clean automobile, truck, motorcycle, etc., using a buffing machine with the appropriate buffing pad. Work well into surface to loosen oxidized finish or pigment. Allow wax to dry. Wipe off with soft cloth or buff off using a clean, dry buffing pad. Always apply wax in shaded area, never in hot sunlight.

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