Water Dilutable Rust Preventative Concentrate

Davies "Rust-Guard 252" is a concentrated, water dilutable, rust inhibitor with many special features. Its high concentration allows up to 1:40 dilutions, and an easy to use test kit is available for accurate testing. Rust protection is for one to four months, indoor storage, depending on metal type and conditions. A unique combination of organic and inorganic rust inhibitors are used to build "Rust-Guard 252". Resulting rust preventative coating is readily removable with standard alkaline cleaners, or can be machined without cleaning.


"Rust-Guard 252" is diluted from 1:10 to 1:40, depending on contact time and process conditions. For short contact times and for maximum rust protection, stronger dilutions are necessary. Dip application is best but "Rust-Guard 252" can be spray applied. With dip application, sufficient circulation and contact time is necessary for adequate protection.

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