"Rust-Proof #500-S"

Long Term Indoor/Outdoor Corrosion Inhibitor

Davies "Rust-Proof #500-S" is a blend of selected inorganic and organic rust preventative coupled with a special micro-crystalline wax that offers outstanding rust protection. Spray, dip, or brush application produces a firm, was like coating that is ideal for outdoor, as well as indoor storage. The protective coating will not crack, peel, or chip, even at -10° F., and is a fire resistant. The coating is easily removed with most cleaning solvents or hot alkaline water solution. Applications include coatings for machined parts, mobile home and automotive underbodies, off shore rig, ballast tank, anchor, and outdoor equipment. "Rust-Proof #500-S" can be applied directly over rust to prevent further corrosion. Treated steel can be welded using standard procedures, without coating removal.


"Rust-Proof #500-S" is used as is, without dilution, for dip, spray, or brush application. The degree of rust protection is dependent on the thickness of the coating and environment conditions.