"Rust-Proof #700"

Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor

Davies "Rust-Proof 700" is a highly successful corrosion inhibitor designed for long term rust protection under variable conditions. "Rust-Proof 700" is the product of choice for manufacturers who ship parts over seas that are partially protected from the elements. The product leaves a slight oil film that will not affect painted surfaces and is readily removed with an alkali detergent such as "DC-99" or industrial solvents. "Rust-Proof 700" will provide 60 days corrosion protection in a humidity cabinet and 6 days in the demanding industrial salt spray test.


The recommended procedure for application is an agitated immersion process. Generally, adequate rust protection can be realized via spray application. This is the most common procedure used for large parts. For best results, parts must be dry before applying "Rust-Proof 700."