"Rust Remover #755"

Heavy Duty Rust Remover Concentrate

Davies "Rust Remover 755" is a unique blend of acids, detergents, and selected activators designed to remove heat treat scale or simple rust from carbon steel, cast iron, or powder metal composite parts. Special penetrants allow the product to penetrate and thoroughly remove rust. "Rust Remover 755" works fastest at elevated temperatures with agitation. However, it will also remove rust at room temperature. Following the rust removal stage, cleaned parts are rinsed well in an overflowing water rinse, and then treated with a rust inhibitor. For short term rust protection (days-weeks), use "Rust-Guard 252" water solution. For long term rust protection, use "Rust-Proof 305" as is.


Add 1 part "Rust Remover 755" to 1-3 parts of water. For smaller amounts of rust, a more dilute solution can be used. For severe rust deposits, use a stronger solution. Use at room temperature. However, rust is removed faster when solution is heated (120° -140° F) and when parts are agitated. Use rubber-lines plastic, or stainless steel tank for "Rust Remover 755" solutions. Allow parts sufficient soak time to remove desired rust. Place derusted parts in an overflow cold water rinse tank for 3-5 minutes. Place parts in "Rust-Proof 305" for 5 minutes and agitate. Remove and air dry.