"Scale - X"


APPLICATION: “SCALE-X”may be used in shell and tube condensers, evaporative condensers, boilers, heat exchangers, ice machines, evaporative cooling systems, water wells, compressor and engine jackets, pasteurize, dairy equipment, brewery equipment, stills, pots and columns, papermaking equipment, steams cleaners, etc.

GENERAL DIRECTION:Drain and flush the system, filling it with clean water. Make up a 5% solution by adding 4 lbs. of “SCALE-X” for each 10 gallons of water in the system. For fast action, the water should be heated approximately 140°. And maintained at that temperature. Circulated the solution throughout the entire equipment until all scale is removed. Solution should be tested each half an hour of descaling and maintained at a pH of 1 to 2. Add“SCALE-X” when pH is over 2. If solution goes to 3 pH, add approximately 2 lbs. “SCALE-X” for every 10 gallons water. When scale is removed.

SHELL AND TUBE CONDENSERS, EVAPORATIVE CONDENSERS:These may be descaled “On stream”. Drain, flush, refill and close bleed-off. Make sure all spray nozzles are functioning. Add sufficient “SCALE-X” to pan (4 lbs. to each 10 gal.), stir slightly to disperse, and then start normal operation. If heavy scale was present and over 2 additions of“SCALE-X” are necessary, drain the system and start new. After descaling is complete, drain and flush the system before filling with fresh water. On rusty or corroded equipment, a careful watch should be kept for leaks that may develop due to the removal of the scale film that may be sealing pinpoint holes in the metal.

HEATING EXCHANGERS, ONCE-THROUGH CONDENSERS:Dissolve “SCALE-X” in a plastic drum of water (4 lbs. per 10 gallons). Circulate by means of pump until unit is clean, returning solution-to-solution drum. Heating will expedite action. Add more “SCALE-X” if pH goes above 2. When unit is clean, drain, flush, and fill with fresh water.

 BOILERS: Drain and flush boiler. Partially fill boiler with fresh water and heat to not over 140°F. Intrude 4 lbs. Of “SCALE-X” to each 10 gallons of water by means of hand-hole or feed pump. Fill boiler to normal level. Keep solution at 140°F. Provide vent to eliminate gasses formed in descaling. Add additional descaler if solution pH goes above 2. If heavy scale is encountered, drain out used solution and fill with fresh solution. When descaling is complete, drain and flush with Davies “BOILER-NEUTRO”. Drain and fill with fresh water.

PENETRATES SCALE: “SCALE-X” containsa penetrating agent that allows it to work through the scale instead of just on the surface. This decreases descaling time with a subsequent savings labor.

HIGH STRENGTH: More scale is removed per pound of “SCALE-X” than ordinary powder de-scalers.

SILICATE AND SULFATE SCALE: Calcium carbonate scale by itself or mixed with the sulfate or silicate scales are removed very effectively by “SCALE-X”. Sulfate or silicate scales by themselves require special treatment. Davies water services division engineers upon request will give recommendations.

CAUTION:  “SCALE-X”, when dissolved in water is a strong acid and should be handled accordingly. If either the powder or liquid comes in contact with skin or clothing, flush with water and neutralize with baking soda. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water, apply boric acid solution and see physician. Do not drain solution on shrubbery or grass and prevent winage from blowing solution on personnel or automobiles. 


“SCALE-X”is a powder formulation of several ingredients, all of which have proven their value in the process of descaling. The formulation consists of special acids, corrosion inhibitors, organic dispersing agents and an anti-foam ingredient. A dust reducer is added to make “SCALE-X” easier to use safer to handle. After several years of use by industry, and confirmed users,“SCALE-X” has proven to be most effective as a dry powder scale remover. One pound of “SCALE-X” dissolved in one gallon of water will make the equivalent strength of the average liquid acid cleaner...it is quite simple to substitute one pound of “SCALE-X” for each gallon of liquid acid formerly use. THERE IS ONE IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE. “SCALE-X” will work as fast as liquid descalers such as Davies “B.L.-70” liquid acid...length of time will be generally about 30% longer...however, “SCALE-X” is much easier to use, much more economical to use and safer to store and handle.

BECAUSE MINERAL CONTENT OF SCALE WILL VARY FROM ONE AREA TO ANOTHER, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GIVE AN EXACT FORMULA FOR HOW “SCALE-X” to use for each application. Directions are simply a starting point to use. The following, however, should provide a good rule of thumb to start with.


LIGHT SCALE 1/16” OR LESS                      ¾ LBS.

AVERAGE SCALE 1/16”-1/8”                       1 ½ LBS   PER TON CAPACITY

HEAVY SCALE 1/8”-1/4”                              3 LBS


Disconnect the condenser from cooling tower systems. Make up solution of one pound “SCALE X” to two gallons of water.... if possible, use hot water to dissolve “SCALE X” more quickly. Circulate the solution in the condenser for one hour.... if circulating arrangement is not available, fill condenser and allow to stand for one to two hours.... drain solution and flush with Davies “b.l. -70” drain again and add fresh water. It is important to test pH while acidizing to maintain a pH of 2.... when pH goes above 2, you then add more“SCALE-X”