A shining fork, spoon, and knife.A row of freshly polished spoons and forks, and a knife for good measure.
  • Adds Gleam to Silverware
  • Increases Cleaning Efficiency
  • Softens and Removes Food and Mineral Soil
  • Complete Solubility
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective on Silver and Stainless Steel Flatware

Davies “SILVER-SOAK” completes the flatware-cleaning program by loosening soils due to food, minerals, etc., and helping the dishwasher to more completely clean flatware. Can be used with aluminum foil/pan method or in plastic containers. Works best with warm to hot water, but can be used with cold water.


For general purpose flatware soaking, use 1 oz. (approximately 2 tablespoons) per gallon of warm water and allow flatware to soak 15-30 minutes. For more difficult soils, use “SILVER-SOAK” and allow soaking longer. For very greasy flatware, Davies “GREEN-MAGIC” will work better.

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