Oil & Sludge Emulsifier

What is it?

Grease, oil, slime solvent and scum cake emulsifier.

Who needs it?

Waste disposal plants, wet wells, lift stations, digesters, and sewer lines

Selling points: 

Eliminates oil and sludge build-up

Gets rid of scum and grease problems throughout plant

Homogenizes oil for plant digestion

Saves time and labor on cleaning tank side walls

Cuts down foam problems

Compatible with other plant chemicals

No phosphates

No quarter nary compounds


Will not affect B.O.D. or O.D.I.

Harmless to sewage digestion 


Add directly to digesters before recirculating to dissolve the scum blanket. Pour into any part or inspection hold in the cover. The exact amount to use will vary with individual plants. Usually 35-55 gallons is sufficient to un-stuck even the most severe cases. Use at least 3 parts of water to one part of production. One gallon to 1000 gallons of sludge for average use.

Total Plant Maintenance

Use for total plant maintenance. The following method will keep plants grease free and eliminate further scum problems. Drop into the influent at the rate of ½ to 1 ½ ppm (45 drop per minute equals one gallon in 24 hours.)

Wet Wells and Lift Stations

Drip directly into wet wells and lift stations to help control grease. Add 1 or 2 gallons of product to lift stations and let rise for 30 minutes to dissolve grease build-up. May be sprayed around the side ways to dissolve grease and scum build-up.