"Soak-Kleen" 255-M

Heavy Duty Dip Tank Cleaner for Steel

"Soak-Kleen" 255-M is a general purpose soak cleaner for steel, with excellent cleaning ability. "Soak-Kleen" 255-M emulsifies soils and greases so they don’t redeposit on the cleaned work. It also is an extremely free-rinsing product.

Free flowing, non-caking granules. Easily soluble in water. Strong detergency for better cleaning. Easily rinsed from work surface. Long solution life.


"Soak-Kleen" 255-M is used at 6-10 ounces per gallon at temperatures ranging from 120-160 F. Cleaning time is dependent upon the soil type to be removed, and the part configuration. Mechanical agitation will also accelerate cleaning. Ultimate usage concentration and bath temperature will be determined by actual field use.

Due to "Soak-Kleen" 255-M having extended solution life, it becomes very economical to use. Besides saving chemical cost, there is also a savings of labor costs with the longer solution life. "Soak-Kleen" 255-M has shown good application in heat treating plants for general cleaning of parts to remove oil, soil, prior to heat treating.

A test kit is available for $27.50. However, in the case of most metal cleaning, test kits are not used much. This is because as a bath is used and becomes dirty and cleaner is lost, more detergent is added to obtain sufficient cleaning. When the cleaning bath becomes too dirty, it is dumped, rinsed, and the whole process repeats.