Lift Station Floating Solvent

What is it?

Degreaser and cleaner for lift stations and waste treatment plants and wet wells

Who Needs it?

Lift stations and waste treatment plants, wet wells, water treatment plants.

How Does it Work?

Continuous automatic cleaning and degreasing action for lift station walls and mechanism. Just pour in, ready to use and will not freeze

Selling Points

  • Easy to Use
  • Can be used year round (will not freeze)
  • Does not require scrubbing or scraping
  • Removes grease and scum
  • Meets Federal Wastewater Specs



Add to lift station. Depending on quantity of accumulated scum, grease and oils approximately 5 gallons a week is used. Product floats on surface and automatically cleans sidewalls with use and fall of water level. Can be either poured or dripped into wet wells. No scrubbing necessary.