Waterless Wood Floor Cleaner

Davies Sparkle Prep is specifically blended for preparing wood floors for “sparkle” urethane seal. Detergents and cleaners containing water can cause wood floor and wood surfaces to warm or buckle. Sparkle Prep was formulated without water specifically for use on wood floors and wood surfaces. It is not a wood treatment, but a cleaner, which will remove soil from wood surfaces without the use of soaps, detergents or water. Sparkle Prep quickly dissolves most oil based stains. It is especially effective in removing rubber burns, chewing gum, tar, black marks, excessive dust mop treatment, dirt, and most other soils. It is water clear and therefore leaves no color residue.Sparkle Prep can be used either in conjunction with floor machines or in damp mopping procedures. 

This product is intended for use as a cleaner on wood floors and as a floor preparation prior to the sealing of gymnasium, racquetball courts and similar wood floors. It is equally effective as a cleaner for paneling, furniture, doors and other wood surfaces.

Directions: Coverage: Applied by wet mop and no rinse, 350 sq. ft. per gal. When rinse is included, 200 sq. ft. per gal.

As cleaner only on sealed floors:Damp mop floors with waterless cleaner. Use the heel of the mop on stubborn spots and damp rinse the floor with a clean mop and waterless cleaner. Rubber burns, black marks, etc. may be removed with a cloth dampened with waterless cleaner. Waterless cleaner will soften gums so that it may be removed with a putty knife.

Preparing sealed floors for recoating:Clean away water-soluble soil (food or sugar) by damp mopping or wet scrubbing and allow drying. Care must be taken to not warp the floor by allowing water to penetrate into the wood. To abrade the floor for good intercoat adhesion and to remove black marks, etc., apply Sparkle Prep using single pass applicator onto floor 3 to 4 minutes ahead of a black wax-stripping pad under a rotary machine. Move machine at the pace of a slow walk in full head pass overlapping 1 to 2 inches. Tack rags with waterless cleaner to remove dust residues. Use of the single-pass-applicator to continuously feed solvent to the tack rag will greatly increase the efficiency of the tack process.

New sanded or fully stripped floors:If chemically stripped, scrub with Sparkle Prep to remove stripper residue and pick up soiled solution with wet vacuum or mop. This material is combustible and will burn at high temperatures, therefore, use workmanlike precautions against open flames or smoking in the area of use and be alert so that rags, mops and other absorbent materials that have been soaked with the product are properly cleaned and/or disposed of after use. 


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