"Stop Rust 200"

Highly Effective Liquid Oxygen Scavenger

  • Completely Controls Dissolved Oxygen
  • Prevents Pitting and Rusting in Boilers
  • Easy to Use Liquid
  • Ideal for Majority of Boilers
  • Concentrated, Only Small Treatments Are Required For Most Boiler Systems
  • Easily Tested 

Davies “Stop-Rust #200” has been used effectively for many years in controlling corrosive Dissolved Oxygen in boilers. Major sales effort should be directed towards “Stop-Rust #200”. Dissolved Oxygen causes hazardous pitting and rusting in the boiler; this greatly weakens the boiler and is readily observed by boiler inspectors. Therefore, whenever Dissolved Oxygen is detected, it must be treated. Dissolved Oxygen enters the boiler with raw water, through any air leaks in the system and through improper seals and packing in pumps. Whenever a boiler system shows a major Dissolved Oxygen condition (as evidenced by necessary large Oxygen Scavenger treatment) the pumps and the entire system must be checked for leaks. Unless chemically treated, Dissolved Oxygen will be present in both steam and hot water boilers and corrosion will occur.

The degree of “Stop-Rust #200” treatment will be dictated by size and condition of the boiler system, water conditions, work-load of boiler, etc. A starting point for “Stop-Rust #200” treatment would be 8 fl. oz. per 100 HP boiler, or ~1 quart/200 gallons boiler liquid. Repeat when necessary.  “Stop-Rust #200” treatment can be tested with our Oxygen Scavenger Test Kit. “Stop-Rust #200” is more cost effective and concentrated than “Stop-Rust #100” due to the government product regulations. 

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