Metal Working Machine Sump Cleaner

Davies "Sump-Aid" is strong medicine for heavily soiled, odorous machine sumps. Special cleaners and pentrants quickly attack and remove tramp oil, swarf, and other typical machine sump soils. A unique dispersant package is incorporated to aid in microbial displacement, thus eliminating order at the source. Studies have shown that proper sump cleaning procedures with "Sump-Aid" can extend fluid life up to three times. The cost of machine sump cleaning with "Sump-Aid" actually save the machine operator money in lower coolant usage.


"Sump-Aid" is diluted with water from 1:10 to 1:20 depending on cleaning conditions; a starting point would be 1:15.

The Machine Cleaning Procedure is:

  1. Drain machine sump and dispose coolant in accordance with applicable wastewater regulations.
  2. Remove all chips, swarf etc from sump.
  3. Fill sump with water, start circulation pump and add "Sump-Aid".
  4. Circulate "Sump-Aid" solution for ½ to 3 hours, depending on soil severity. White circulating, apply cleaner solution to soiled areas not contacting cleaner. For severe soil deposits, some hand brushing may be necessary.
  5. After machine is clean, drain cleaner solution and dispose in accordance with applicable wastewater regulations.
  6. Rinse entire machine and sump area with water, including circulation pump and lines. Dump rinse water.
  7. Refill machine sump with water and add prescribed amount of Davies coolant. Immediately circulate coolant solution to protect machine against corrosion.