Silicone Pump-Spray Lubricant

Excellent Lubricity
Economical Bulk Packaging
Easy to Use
Stops Annoying Squeaks
Effective in Extreme Temperature
Mold Release Agent

DaviesSuper-Glide is the pump-spray version of our highly successful ‘Easy Glide’ aerosol. Super-Glide is bulk packaged, meaning, Qt., Gal., 5 Gal. Pails, etc., and as such contains 100% product, no propellants, making this product highly economical. Super-Glide is sprayed directly on hinges, windows and door guides, fan belts, etc.; almost anywhere that squeaks. Being a silicone, the lubricity remains on the hinge for an extended time. Super-Glide is ideal for automatic garage door opener drives, to prevent chattering during cold weather.

Super-Glide lubricates weather stripping, auto door seals, window channels, emergency brakes, power windows, and carburetor linkage. Winter treatment prevents freezing of door locks, handles, and trunk lids. Many molding applications can use Super-Glide as an effective and low-cost mold release agent. For a most effective aerosol alternative, Davies “Sure Shot” portable sprayers can be used. 

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