One of the most water resistant lubricants on present day market.  A completely water-proof lubricating grease, offering superior resistance to wash-out and is unaffected even by boiling salt water.  It will maintain a protective coating on metal surfaces which will prevent rust and corrosion even under most difficult conditions…“Syn-Lube” also is unexcelled for any high temperature lubrication, it will NOT melt.


Has an operating temperature range from –20 to 500+ F.


Trucking industry fifth wheels, water pumps, universal joints, wheel bearings, ball joints, steering linkage, etc…


1 lb. “SYN-LUBE” equals 6 lbs. petroleum grease – equates to lasting 6 times longer; and further equates to a 6 to 1 labor savings. An outstanding grease for every phaseof lubrication including (but not limited to) in the presence of water, steam, most acids or salts – there is little or no wash out, breakdown or emulsification when subjected to high rpm, even boiling water or steam when subjected to high temperatures.

“SYN-LUBE”showed superior cohesiveness and tenacity after being worked for prolonged periods of time – in cold temperatures it showed superior film coating and excellent pump ability. “SYN-LUBE” has a high affinity for metal, forming a tough film and offering a maximum protection. Completely resists chemical change…bleeding, cracking, hardening, thinning and separating.

“SYN-LUBE”is suitable for most bearing application, ball or roller, high or low speed, sealed or open, whether the surface to be lubricated turns, slides or oscillates.

“SYN-LUBE”accommodates a wide range of lubrication needs for industrial agriculture, industry marine, and automotive fleet application. “SYN-LUBE” grease will pump through a cartridge gun at below zero temperatures, yet is suitable for both high and low speed bearings. “SYN-LUBE” may be tested with a “blow torch” test. Simply put some “SYN-LUBE” on a putty knife and heat the putty knife with a blow torch. Notice that you can’t melt “SYN-LUBE” . Try the same test with any petroleum grease and watch it melt away. Petroleum greases will do the same in a bearing situation whereas a bearing creates heat. “SYN-LUBE” will outperform petroleum greases 6 to 1.


For best results, it is advisable that old grease be removed prior to application. For ball type grease fittings, fill until old grease is forced out. For exposed surfaces and accessible areas, use a degreaser to remove to remove old grease before applying.