"Terrazzo Kote"

Sealer & Finish

Protect that beautiful Terrazzo!!


  • A combination sealer and finish for protection and economical maintenance
  • Specially formulated for Terrazzo, quarry tile, ceramic tile, slate, marble, latex or epoxy Terrazzo and concrete!
  • No discoloration to dull the beauty of Terrazzo colors
  • No solvents; safe to use in food handling establishments!
  • Safe under all conditions – contains NO WAX!!

No matter how indestructible terrazzo looks, it needs protection just as much as wood or linoleum. This quality product is designed to give it that protection; to seal it against harm and discoloration by dirt, oil soil and cleaning solutions. And, once this sealer-finish has been applied, a daily sweeping and occasional buffing will keep it bright. And, you don’t need to worry about rainy days when mud and grime are tracked in; dirt and moisture can’t penetrate this tough finish! Take advantage of this modern development and keep your terrazzo floors beautiful! Eliminate mopping that discolors and dulls natural terrazzo beauty.

Product Information

Description:A high polymer, wax free, emulsified resin that acts as a clear sealer and finish on terrazzo.


  • No discoloration on lightest floors
  • Non-slippery when wet or dry
  • Resists moisture, grime, oil, grease
  • No odor, dries quickly
  • Will not scuff, turn white or soften
  • Easily maintained by a light buffing

Recommended: As a sealer and finish for terrazzo, terrazzo type, ceramic clay, marble, slate and quarry tile floors.

Application:Floor should be thoroughly cleaned of wax, oil and polish. Apply evenly with a lamb’s wool applicator or short-strand cotton mop. Avoid puddling or heavy build-up. Allow first coat to dry one hour before applying second coat. Maintain by daily sweeping and occasional light buffing.

Coverage: 1800 square feet per gallon

Drying Time: One hour between coats and one hour before submitting floor to traffic.