"Thread & Tap Oil #125"

Flood Lubricant for Aluminum, Zinc

Davies "Thread & Tap Oil No. 125" is an ideal flood lubricant for severe machining operations on Aluminum, Zinc Die cast, and other metals. The outstanding lubricity and EP (extreme pressure) additives, enable soft metal machining to excellent finish. Severe machining operations, such as threading and tapping, cannot be accomplished using water diluted synthetic nor soluble oils. The extreme lubricity requirement of this type of machining makes "Thread & Tap Oil No. 125" an ideal and demand product.


"Thread & Tap Oil No. 125" is used as is in a machine sump, without dilution. The viscosity (thickness) of the product has been adjusted to enable proper flow through machine circulation pumps. For very small applications, the product can be hand sprayed onto parts to help machining.

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