Chlorinated Liquid Machine Dishwash Detergent

The bold yellow-and-red box label for the Ultra-Khlor brand.
  • The "Workhorse" Detergent
  • Eliminates powder mess around machine
  • Economical to use
  • Easier to handle
  • No waste
  • Provides more performance at less cost
  • Removes heavy soil
  • Handles the most difficult cleaning jobs
  • Strongly alkaline
  • Chlorinated for stain removal
  • Carries a tremendous soil load

"ULTRA-KHLOR" combines high grade penetrating agents - wetting agents - with powerful cleaners and controlled chlorine to give you:

  • Stain Free results because of the release of a controlled ratio of chlorine into  your wash tank.
  • Unique Cleaning Power - because the ingredients in this combination give each other a power greater than they would have separately.

"ULTRA-KHLOR" lifts bacteria-laden food film - dishes and silverware are healthfully clean and shining to the customer request.

  • Excellent for all mechanical dishwashing operations where heavy duty cleaning is needed.
  • Can be installed on a dishwasher to automatically feed direct from shipping container into machine without intermediate handling through use of DAVIES AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC FEEDERS.

"ULTRA-KHLOR" has a high chlorine content for superior stain removal.  However, detergents with high chlorine content are not recommended for water with high iron content.  For water with high iron content, we recommend our liquid "ULTRA-KLEEN" which is a non-chlorinated formula.