"Ultra-Lub" is a concentrated lubricant having experienced very wide acceptance in industry as a very high quality lubricating agent and most economical to use due to being a concentrate for user to add their own water.

The following are a few reasons for the very high success this product has had with industry.

  1. Superb lubrication
  2. Excellent rust inhibition properties
  3. Low unit cost
  4. Completely biodegradable
  5. Non-irritating
  6. Non-toxic
  7. Soluble in tap water
  8. Easily cleaned from machine and parts after use


  1. Burnishing Compound – light work . . .1 pint "Ultra-Lub" to 100 gallons of water, heavy work . . . 1 gallon "Ultra-Lub" to 100 gallons of water.
  2. Drawing & Stamping Compound – 1 pint "Ultra-Lub" to 30 or 100 parts water depending on severity of draw.
  3. Metal Cutting Lub – 1 part "Ultra-Lub" to 20 parts water renders superior, cleaner work and extended tool life.
  4. Billet Cutting, Non-Ferrous – 1 part "Ultra-Lub" to 40 parts water. Spray or flow onto saw blade at cut . . . safe, better, blade life . . . faster and finer cuts.
  5. Cold Rolling – 1 parts "Ultra-Lub" with 25 parts water. Spray on material to be worked or dip material onto solution.
  6. Link Fence Weaving – 1 parts "Ultra-Lub" to 50 parts water.
  7. Pipe Joint Lubricant – A soluble, light yellow, nearly odorless paste-like compound for use in lubricating and setting concrete and tile piping. Features: Easy to apply, Thixotropic, Clings to concrete and soil pipes, spreads rapidly, ropes as applied, works on wet or dry pipe, non-toxic, contains mineral additives, harmless to rubber, neoprene, urethane and other common gasketing, workable from + 40° F - + 120° F.
  8. Conveyor Chain Lub – Dairies and bottling plants use "Ultra-Lub" . . . 1 part to 40 parts water.


Use without dilution to wipe or brush pipe joints. Gasketing or ring seals should also be treated. Enough compound should be used to produce a continuous slick surface. Delayed setting action of the compound will allow some reworking of pipe joints when necessary. Note: Not intended for underwater use and cannot be successfully applied to joints that are under water. Packaging: Available in 450# drums.

"Ultra-Lub" is classed as a low-foam lubricant. However, there will be some foam. In application, when more foam control is desirable, simple add 5 oz. of Davies "Foam-Ban" to each 50 gallons of diluted "Ultra-Lub"

"Ultra-Lub" will provided superb lubrication with an extremely low cost . . . one of the highest quality lubircants on the market and end usage far more economical than that of ordinary lubricants due to "Ultra-Lub" being a concentrate for end user to add their own water.