"Vanishing Oil"

Non-Residual, Spray-Mist Machining Fluids

D. W. Davies & Co., Inc. has a complete line of "Vanishing Oils" which are used for spray-mist or roller applications for various machining and forming operations. These products are not used in recirculating sump application, but are sprayed or mist applied, or drip roller applied directly to the point of machining. These products are aptly named, as they cool and lubricate, but then evaporate, ‘vanish’ without leaving residual on the machined surface. The various "Vanishing Oils" listed below have different cooling and lubricating properties, and are designed to satisfy most machining operations that require this product type. As these products are designed to not leave residuals, they only support short term corrosion inhibition.

"Vanishing Oil 100" is a standard, average type product intended for use where economy is of prime concern. This product features the fastest evaporation rate of all our "Vanishing Oils" and outstanding cooling.

"Vanishing Oil 125" is a slightly slower dry formula than No. 100, but features improved lubrication. Cooling at point of machining is excellent, and product evaporates rapidly.

"Vanishing Oil 219" is our most popular formula, as this product features maximum lubrication for a vanishing oil. Cooling is still excellent and due to increased lubrication tool breakage is minimized and tool life is greatly increased. Due to the lubricity additives, there is a very slight , almost undetectable residue left on machined parts. "Vanishing Oil 219" is truly a premium product.

"Vanishing Oil 300" has a slow evaporation rate, but features the highest flash point. For mild machining operations and easy to machine metals, this product would be appropriate with its lesser cooling and lubricating properties.