Car Wax & Cleaner

  • Speedy-acting suds float away grime
  • Cleans quickly
  • Wash more cars

DAVIES "WASH-N-WAX" is a sure chemical breakthrough in liquid car wash technology.  It makes possible to wash and wax cars in one operation.  "WASH-N-WAX" thoroughly scrubs the car clean and then leaves a protective wax coating.

"WASH-N-WAX" greatly highlights vinyl tops and adds deep luster to auto finishes.  This amazing chemical discovery simply hoses to a bright luster without streaking.  Apply with sponge or soft brush - hose off, that's all.  No chamois.

The speedy-acting suds float away all the grime and leaves a wax film in one operation.  Recommended for all types of finishes.  Rinses easily and quickly - leaves a high luster finish.  "WASH-N-WAX" will greatly enhance the finish.

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