Floor Wax Stripper

Ammoniated for Cleaning Power

If your floors are to be properly refinished, you must start with a clean foundation. Using all-purpose cleaners, or an ineffective wax remover to strip off the old finish would only be false economy. Only one type of product - this wax remover - will do the job thoroughly and easily. It does not "dissolve" the old wax (only solvents can do that, and they are harmful to the floor). Instead, "WAX-KUTTER"  re-emulsifies the old wax or resin emulsion finish through an amine action process. It frees the old finish from the floor and holds it in suspension until removed. It will not harm the floor in any way, and will remove heavy build-ups of wax, dirt and grease. Let your common sense be your guide; ask for "WAX-KUTTER", and be sure of thorough, safe wax removal!


  • Re-Emulsifies the old wax on all floor finishes
  • Powerful emulso-action works fast
  • Ammoniated for cleaning power
  • Double concentrate! Can be diluted to meet any job
  • Gives a clean foundation for "just like me" refinishing
  • Ideal for asphalt, vinyl, rubber, and cork tile
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