Foaming Aluminum Wheel Cleaner

  • Cleans and brightens aluminum automotive wheels
  • Fast acting
  • Deep cleaning
  • Economical to use
  • Easy to use

DAVIES "WHEEL-BRITE" is a most effective cleaner for aluminum wheels.  Treated wheels sparkle and look like new.  "WHEEL-BRITE" is used as is and spray applied.  Highly soiled wheels may require light scrubbing with a plastic brush.  Operators using "WHEEL-BRITE" must wear rubber gloves and also use sufficient care as they would with any acid product.


Spray "WHEEL-BRITE" as is, directly onto aluminum wheels.  Allow to work for one minute and rinse thoroughly to remove all cleaner.  Light brushing may help soil removal.  Do not contact skin, glass, or painted surfaces, and wear rubber gloves.  Do not use on chrome and plastic center caps.  Clean one wheel at a time.  Do not allow "WHEEL-BRITE" to dry on surface.