Gym Floor Finish
Oil Modified Urethane Floor Finish For Wood


A gym floor finish that will let more natural color of the wood floors show than most.

Sparkle” is a non-yellowing oil-modified urethane finish made especially for gym floors or any other wood surface. It is easy to apply and dried to a very tough, durable high luster. It is slip resistant and highly resistant to black heel marks.

The exceptionally hard finish prevents dirt and soil from penetrating and also withstands severe impact and abrasion.

General Application

New or Sanded Floors must be sealed with Davies “Base Kote” before applying “Sparkle” to obtain better adhesion. Buff with either #100 abrasive screen disc or #2 steel wool is acceptable if screen disc is not available. (See “Base Kote” catalog sheet)

Apply “Sparkle” Gym Floor Finish with a lamb’s wool applicator in a thin even coat – avoid puddling or uneven application. Apply to dry thoroughly before applying second coat. Generally 4 to 10 hours drying time is needed, depending on air circulation and the relative humidity of the air. Good ventilation is very important. Use fans and open windows etc.

Old or used floors:

Floors that have not been sanded and previously finished with an oil-modified urethane must be thoroughly cleaned free from all old wax and or greases. Buff floor with screen disc #100 or #2 steel wool – remove all dust with tack rag. Tack the floor with mineral spirits and follow same application method as new or sanded floors. Davies “Base Kote” sealed not needed in this application.

Caution: Do NOT use brushes or brooms to sweep floors that have been previously used with oil or wax base sweeping compound. Do NOT use soaps or gritty scrubbing powders in your preparation procedure that may be difficult to rinse. Be judicious in the use of water in your preparation procedures – dampness can cause deterioration of the wood and poor adhesion of the coating.