Terrazzo Seal And Finish 
  • Excellent gloss and durability
  • Long lasting protection
  • No odor
  • Dries quickly
  • Good floor adhesion
  • Easy to apply
  • No discoloration
  • Prevents “Dingy’ grouting
  • Removable with ‘easy strip’ 

Davies “Terra Kote” is a field proven combination seal and finish formulated especially for Terrazzo floors. No matter how hard and indestructible Terrazzo looks, it still needs protection against wear and soil. “Terra Kote” applies easily with no odor. A sealed and finished Terrazzo floor will have excellent gloss and no discoloration. “Terra Kote” is resistant to scrubbing and even some wax stripping (D.C.-99 @ 1:20 dilution) solutions. Because Terrazzo pores and grouting are sealed, maintenance cleaning is easier and more effective. “Terra Kote” thus prevents ‘dingy’ appearing grouting.


Directions: Clean existing floor thoroughly with a DC-99 solution (4 oz per gal.) and a floor machine. Rinse floor many times to completely remove all traces of cleaner. Use pH tape to check for neutral pH to determine thoroughness of rinse. Allow floor to dry thoroughly. Apply “Terra Kote” evenly with lambs wool applicator and avoid puddling or heavy build-up. Allow sealer coat to dry thoroughly (approx. one hour) and apply finish coat. A two-coat system is recommended. Maintain floor with mopping, using D.W. Concentrate cleaning solution. Recoating of “Terra Kote” on heavy wear areas can be applied over clean, existing finish. Coverage is 1200-1800 square feet per gal., depending on floor porosity.


To remove “Terra Kote” finish, use 1:2 dilutions of “Easy Strip” and a floor machine.

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